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Your Partner in Business Transformation and Leadership Development 

Paul Caillaud Executive Coach Transformation

Momentum Partnership gives impetus to your organisation and leadership transformation for your business to address today’s challenges.

Our service supports your strategic change management projects:

  • Organisational transformation

  • Leadership Assessment with The Leadership Circle®    

  • Individual and Team Executive Coaching

  • Talent development and Human Resource (HR) Consulting

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Momentum Partnership.jpg
Transformation of Organization

Successful change in the company by

integrating and anticipating human dynamics

Leadership Assessment

Reveal your manager's and team's Leadership with The Leadership Circle® and develop their creativity for today's world challenges.

Executive Coaching  and
Team Coaching

Enable leaders and teams to unearth their full potential and find long-term effective systems to address current or arising challenges.

Talent Development and HR Consulting

Transform and structure your HR practices; Develop Talents.

Why choose Momentum Partnership? Because our comprehensive service is tailored to your needs.

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Client testimonials

Photo Ulysse Ceylas.jpg

Paul’s coaching was crucial to my professional project


individual Coaching

Ulysse Ceylas

Paul’s coaching played a decisive part in the construction of my new professional project and in my personal development goals. He helped me to comprehend the emotional aspect of my professional transition and provided me the means to clearly define my project and map my action plan. This helped me to make steady and tangible progress. Paul has the best attention and listening skills I have ever seen in a coach.

Paul Caillaud Executive Coach Caetlin Fo

I recommend Paul’s services for the development of your teams’ effectiveness.


Team Coaching

Caetlin Folawn

Paul Caillaud supported our start-up management team at a crucial time. Although the team shared common perceptions, we were really struggling  to work and move forward together. The 6 session-long coaching process clarified our working methods and the challenges we were facing; they efficiently pointed out our sticking points. Paul’s coaching helped us to explore the changes we could implement to improve our effectiveness. We took advantage of this opportunity to take stock of our team and create a new one. At the end of the coaching process, we had gained a sense of calm and new levels of energy. Paul has been very stimulating in our transformation and his coaching has brought us great guidance. He rose our awareness concerning our systemic mode of operation; it really opened our eyes to the situation. I recommend his services for the development of your teams’ effectiveness.

Photo ID C Maugras.jpg

The transformation provided us the means to increase our turnover by 10 %


Cyprien Maugras

Together with Paul Caillaud we have successfully worked to transform a European business unit (BU) (1500 employees and a 300 million euros turnover). Paul’s support has been crucial in defining our project and implementing it with the team over a period of 4 months. This enabled us to align all of our teams on a new  organisation that was changed from country-based to market-based, by centralising support functions and integrating the industrial function that had previously been managed separately.
Two years later, the turnover had increased by 10%. 

Paul Caillaud: Executive & Team Coach 

Transformation des entreprises et Organisations-  Paul Caillaud Executive Coaching individuel et collectif- Evaluation du Leadership à 360 ° et Conseil RH

Accredited ACC by ICF
Accredited by The Leadership Circle®
Lumina Sparks & Lumina Emotions Accredited practitioner
Heartfulness Meditation trainer

Linkedin. Paul Caillaud.png

Organisation Transformation

Transformation entreprise- Paul Caillaud Coach certifié TLC

Our service supports you throughout the entire cycle of your transformation project: new organization; corporate culture; mergers; acquisitions/integration or externalization.

In this transformation change process: 

  • We support you in finding adequate solutions that are tailored to your specific situation, integrating all stakeholders to achieve a successful and sustainable change.

  • We are involved in all the key steps of the transformation project: Design; Onboarding; Roll out.

Leadership Assessment with The Leadership Circle®

Transformation des entreprises et Organisations-  Paul Caillaud Executive Coaching individuel et collectif- Evaluation du Leadership à 360 ° et Conseil RH

Today, leaders need to be effectively equipped to sustainably achieve success in a VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and  ambiguity). Our service will evaluate their leadership style and raise awareness of any deviation from desired behaviours.  

We are The Leadership Circle® certified practitioners. The 360 leadership-assessing tool is the only one to integrate the main theories of Leadership Development.  Its unique circle-shaped representation eases fruitful discussion and it is designed to instantly identify the leader or team growth opportunities.

Accelerate Talent performance through Individual and Team Coaching

Transformation des entreprises et Organisations-  Paul Caillaud Executive Coaching individuel et collectif- Evaluation du Leadership à 360 ° et Conseil RH

Our world changes rapidly. Leaders and their teams constantly have to adapt and find ways to boost their effectiveness in a VUCA context.

To achieve successful effectiveness, our leaders and their teams must be able to transform, to purposely build a respectful and trusting environment, and to foster a collaborative and creative atmosphere.  
We apply our professional experience and qualifications to:  
•    Assess and coach leading talents and their teams in all the key phases of your transformation project. 
•    Develop their self-determination and ability to find pertinent systems to address arising challenges and occurrences.

Talent Development and HR Consulting

Transformation des entreprises et Organisations-  Paul Caillaud Executive Coaching individuel et collectif- Evaluation du Leadership à 360 ° et Conseil RH

Our know-how stems from more than 20 years of leadership in the HR field, in France and internationally, in major companies and in startups. Our wide range of expertise qualifies us to support our clients in the fields of:

  •  Talent attraction, retention, and development

  • Strategic workforce planning

  • Employer brand development, employee commitment, and corporate social responsibility (CSR)

  • Negociation and social interaction in France and Europe

  • HRD and HR VP missions : in France and internationally.

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