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360° Leadership Assessment

Our definition of Leadership

If you ask people around you to define leadership, you will probably end up with many different answers. Although they can all tell you what leadership is , most of the time their definition is only partly accurate.
From what we learned in the course of our university studies, in our direct contact recruiting experience, or in Human Resources abroad,  the definition of leadership that is given by Karen and Henry Kimsey-House in their co-active Leadership model is the one closest to our own philosophy of leadership. 
The Kimsey-House multidimensional model integrates the idea that each one of us has the ability to be a leader, whatever our position we occupy in a collective system. Any organisation is livelier, more dynamic, and more productive when leader commitment is found at all levels. To be a leader is to choose to be responsible for shaping and creating, together with others, a world that is consistent with the values and meaning that drive us.

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Why The Leadership Circle®?

We use The Leadership Circle Profile® because it is in line with the co-active Leadership model and provides the means to efficiently support leaders and leadership teams in developing a leadership style that is creative and agile

The need for creative, effective, and corporately-shared Leadership  

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Current global upheavals are accelerating (pandemic, environmental crises, global economic order) as rapid and constant change are becoming this century’s major paradigm. With the individual and collective challenges we are facing comes the realisation that yesterday’s solutions are not lastingly adaptive to today’s context.
More than ever, organisations need effective leaders that provide business a strategic competitive advantage
Organisations committed to cultivating and developing a more effective, creative, and corporately distributed Leadership are the only ones to steadily achieve high economic and societal performance goals.

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Universal Model of Leadership


  • Leadership assessment and development tool

  • Integrates the universal theory of Leadership

Efficient, Creative,


  • Creative leadership is the most efficient and the most viable economically

  • Reveals creative competencies and reactive tendencies

  • Sets your leaders together on the path to creative leadership

Multidimensional Application

  • For leaders; Teams; Organisational structures

  • Designed to facilitate spreading a collective Leadership culture across organisation


The Leadership Circle® Advantages

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Leadership Circle® 360° assessment platform is the perfect framework to engage your organisation leaders with the transformation that provides the means for your business to achieve sustainable results and address 21st century challenges.
The platform draws on the Universal Model of Leadership and has two major advantages: it helps us to rapidly make your leaders’ aware of their current behaviours and to determine what changes they can make to develop the agile and creative managerial style they need in order to achieve successful Leadership.

* The Leadership Circle Profile ™, the Leadership Circle Profile-Manager Edition ™, Workshops, and the Leadership Culture Survey ™ have been developed and are the property of The Leadership Circle®.

Assessing Your leaders with The Leadership Circle®

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  • The Leadership Circle® ensures an adequate and comprehensive assessment framework to deepen your managers’ individual awareness of their leadership style, their tendencies and beliefs. Through individual coaching sessions we also offer an adequate and personal support to help your managers implement the transformational changes that will induce creative, adaptive, and sustainable leadership agility.

  • The Leadership Circle® is the ideal tool to develop and transform the collective leadership of your organisational structure. We invite you to make The Leadership Circle®  a core component of your leadership culture through our collective process that includes a team debrief, and team coaching sessions to support and accelerate progress towards achieving development and effectiveness goals.


In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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