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Individual and Team Executive Coaching 

Transformation des entreprises et Organisations-  Paul Caillaud Executive Coaching individuel et collectif- Evaluation du Leadership à 360 ° et Conseil RH

Paul Caillaud is an occupational psychologist with over 20 years of experience in HR, both in France and internationally
He plays basket-ball at competition level and has had the opportunity to use coaching processes with his teams and managers/ leaders. Also, he has supported his clients to help them grasp and overcome various issues they were facing. Not only has this support helped them to cross edges, but it also enabled them to unearth and develop their potential to achieve sustainable and meaningful results. 
He has an integrative approach that draws on various streams of coaching processes and their tools, and on Heartfulness meditation which is an awareness development tool.

Paul is trained in Coa-Active Coaching and ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching). As a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation) he abides by their code of ethics. 

He uses a precise coaching method that– with his presence, his skills, energy, and sensitivity  – provides you the means to explore your context, your strengths and ‘risk zones’, and to drive change.

Together, you will climb the right path towards solutions and results.

Individual Executive Coaching: a successful taking up appointment during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Transformation des entreprises et Organisations-  Paul Caillaud Executive Coaching individuel et collectif- Evaluation du Leadership à 360 ° et Conseil RH
  • Demand: In the context of an industrial group’s leadership program, Paul is asked to coach a recently-appointed Multi-Site Industrial Manager who is also chairman of the CSE (social and economic committee) and Plant Manager for one of the group’s sites in France. 

  • Course of action: 6 coaching sessions that will enable the manager to clarify the appropriate attitude to adopt and to successfully take up the new post while implementing adequate managerial dynamics from day one. 

  • Results : The coaching provided the Director the means to gradually shift from a less operational positioning to a more  strategic one. He achieved setting up an approved power delegating system relating to various responsibilities of his function, and developing a more assertive and personal managerial style. His stress management skills and his workload were improved.
    Within a pandemic and double lockdown context, his taking office was achieved successfully. The manager transferred operational responsibilities to his team, and maintained his professional/personal balance. He  gave clear development prospects to his team and was able to preserve and enjoy his weekend hobbies. He was able to set up strategic action plans for his various responsibilities and found the adequate positioning to provide support to his teams when needed. He also defined his position vis-à-vis his immediate superiors.  

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Individual Custom Coaching Programme

Key themes

  • Managerial effectiveness

  • Communication & Leadership

  • Accompanying change

  • Stress & Balance

  • Professional effectiveness


  1. Setting goals with the manager and / or HR Manager

  2. Operational coaching: sessions and inter-session action plans

  3. End-of-course assessment (goals and achievements)

  4. Assessment feedback


  • Duration: 3 to 9 months

  • Face-to-face or remote (digital)

  • French or English

  • Sessions every 2 to 3 weeks

  • Session duration: 1 hr

Team Executive Coaching: Reducing Stress and

Managing Conflict

Transformation des entreprises et Organisations-  Paul Caillaud Executive Coaching individuel et collectif- Evaluation du Leadership à 360 ° et Conseil RH
  • Context: Two foreign managers of a consulting firm based in France are facing  misunderstanding from their team. The Social Committee is complaining about their overly-direct and disrespectful behaviour. HR also informs the hierarchy about the ongoing situation that creates stress, anxiety, and conflicts within the team. 


  • Demand: To enlighten these managers about of the legal specificities of Psycho-social risks in France. To make them aware of the impact their stress generating communication style has on the team and encouraging them to explore and adopt appropriate and sustainable approaches for the team to engage with less difficulty. 

  • Course of action: Setting up a coaching programme for the two managers. 


  • Results : Adopting appropriate and sustainable approaches to easily mobilise team-members' energy. By gaining perspective, both managers became aware of the impact the conflictual atmosphere had on the team and realised the pattern of  toxic communication that had been set. Together, they explored and agreed on solutions they wished to adopt in order to solve the problem.


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Team Custom Coaching Programme

Key Themes

  • Interpersonal performance 

  • Driving change

  • Increasing social, emotional, and systemic team intelligence 

  • Conflict management & creativity

  • Team communication & role effectiveness

  • Strategic alignement

  • Team agility & performance in VUCA environments



  1. Setting goals with managers and HR

  2. Setting up a coaching programme with the team

  3. Operational coaching: sessions & inter-session action plans

  4. End-of-course assessment (goals and achievements)

  5. Assessment feedback

  • Duration:  6 to 12 months

  • 1 or 2 coaches (depending on the size of the team)

  • Face-to-face and remote (digital)

  • French or English

  • Adaptive custom session plan



Why Choose Momentum Partnership? 
Because our comprehensive service is tailored  to your needs.

I had the chance to work with Paul and particularly appreciated working with him. Paul is an excellent Manager who knows how to advance his teams with professionalism, transparency, and benevolence. Whatever the context, he perfectly masters his files. Paul knows how to get the best out of each of his colleagues and understands how to motivate them. All this is done within the framework of a participatory management style ‘based on trust’”. Xavier Baldi, HR Manager Imerys France.


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